Rani Pramesti


 Rani Pramesti is a proud Chinese-Javanese-Indonesian woman living on Kulin Country. Before jumping heart-first into the performing arts, Rani practiced as a social worker in homeless shelters and refugee support organisations in Sydney. Now, as a performance maker, an intercultural producer and an advocate for the arts, Rani revels in the interface between social justice and the arts. She builds bridges across cultures, generations and disciplines. As Founder of Rani P Collaborations, Rani leads the creation of artistic experiences that inspire conversations, self-reflection and social change. Rani P Collaborations' debut performance installation, Chinese Whispers, won Best Live Art and Kultour's Innovation in Culturally Diverse Practice Awards at the 2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival. In 2017-2018, Rani has been leading an Indonesian-Australian team to adapt Chinese Whispers into a bilingual, digital graphic novel, which can be accessed at www.thechinesewhispers.com The following Rani P Collaborations’ performance, Sedih // Sunno, premiered at Next Wave Festival 2016 and Metro Arts to critical acclaim. Throughout 2017-2019, Rani is leading the creation of Surat-surat, an intimate storytelling experience inspired by her grandparents' love letters. 

Surat-surat by Rani P Collaborations: a conversation 

A few years ago, Rani Pramesti discovered a bag of forgotten love letters exchanged between her maternal grandparents, travelling from former Yugoslavia (modern day Serbia) and Java, Indonesia. Surat-surat is an intimate storytelling experience inspired by Herny Ie Jusuf and Achmaddin Jusuf's love story, which unfolds against a backdrop of global political turmoil. Come to a conversation with the artist about this Work-in-Progress. 

Acknowledgment statement

This script development has been supported by Arts Centre Melbourne. Past developments of Surat-surat have been supported by ArtsHouse, developed in the CultureLab program with the assistance of Creative Victoria. Surat-surat has also been supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.