Sista zai zanda

Photograph:  Maylei Hunt , at NGV Triennial

Photograph: Maylei Hunt, at NGV Triennial


Sista Zai worked as Youth Zone Consultant for Harare International Festival Of The Arts, one of Africa’s top 10 international arts festivals, toured Denmark as a performer and has run workshops in Denmark, Australia and Zimbabwe.

Her latest publication is titled ‘God Is A Black Woman’ and it is a celebration of African women’s naked protest and the power of the feminine.

Sista Zai will launch a podcast series called ‘Afrikan High Tea’. The podcasts will showcase a blend of her poetry, storytelling and discussions with special guests who care passionately about social justice issues. Afrikan High Tea is #realtalk with Sista Zai where she and her guests (lovingly and respectfully) ignore the social construct of ‘polite dinner table conversation’ with the intention to speak the truths we need to hear in order to decolonize our minds, bodies and spirits.